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Who We Are
Life & Health Metrics is an Insurtech project of a biotech company

We are dedicated to understanding how people's lifestyle and life dynamics influences their perspectives on life longevity and bioage.

Further employing this knowledge we aim to bring value to both sides of insurance market:
  • B2B: provide insurance companies with more accurate online risk evaluation
  • B2B2C: provide insurance companies customers with personalized insurance product

The Problem
Aging, including life expectation and mortality, is still extrapolated on old historical data
Industry standard is based on past mortality experience and assumes that the same age-specific mortality rates will continue into the future.

Additionally, there is wide diversity of factors that in the past 50 years made dramatic changes in life quality, and thus life expectations as well.

Historical approaches in predictions of life expectancy are getting insufficient.

Our Solution
Smartphone as the ultimate source of information
  • Each person is attached to their smartphone
  • Automatic data collection from various sensors

Online scoring on smartphone data
  • Moving patterns correlated with biological age
  • Bioage is an additional signal for risk validation

New generation of insurance product
  • New data type allow personalized product
  • New value proposition for Insurer and their clients
Patent-Pending Technology
  • Human locomotion activity is recorded in steps/minutes on a weekly interval
  • Statistics of transitions between states of different activities form a statistical description of the time series, representing the data by transition matrix
  • A trained neural network determines age corresponding to movement patterns and deviations from chronological age
  • Our algorithms are validated on huge amount of real data (UK Biobank, NHANES)
Scientifically Validated Approach
Our Team
CEO - Evgeny Yakushev
25+ years executive roles in Pension & Insurance
Co-founder of European Pension Fund with 2MM clients (EBRD investments, exit ),
Founder of Pension & Actuarial Consulting – market leader on employee benefits service

LinkedIn / Facebook
CTO - Ondrej Grich
20+ years executive roles in IT
Architect of IT infrastructure for 10MM
consumer lending business in emerging market.
Build up new generation mobile application
with 2MM active user base

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CSO - Tim Pyrkov, PhD,
10+ years of biotech R&D
Data scientist at Gero
MIPT, physics and math
Lead researcher on all licensed IP

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Board of Advisors
Peter Fedichev
Co-Founder and CEO GERO Biotech
Peter Fedichev is a scientist and biotech entrepreneur. His scientific background lies in the field of condensed matter physics, biophysics and bioinformatics. Peter earned M.S. in theoretical physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam. To date, he has published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals covering his research on physics, biophysics and aging biology.
Peter is a founder of Gero, a data-driven longevity startup focused on developing therapies that will strongly extend a healthy human lifespan.
  • We help companies to measure and manage aging and longevity risks
  • We provide scientifically validated biological age metrics that track aging on personal level that is easy to implement via SDK / SaaS model
  • Dynamic tracking of health & life metrics via mobile - next generation of risk models as a part of digital transformation of insurance industry
  • With increasing model precision we will validate and commercialize n = 1 biomarkers of aging and create truly personalised longevity lifestyle management system
  • Research effort on aging will provide multiple long term opportunities for product expansion
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